Go Green with Your IT

Most businesses know what it takes to "Go Green" around the office, but not every business knows what they can do to make their IT systems Greener while lowering their electrical bill. Here’s a couple of environmentally-friendly IT efforts that can help your business be greener and save money at the same time.

Most businesses have already made the switch from CRT monitors to LCD computer screens. Not only do CRT monitors take up a lot of space, they also use a lot of electricity. Replacing a CRT monitor with a 20-inch LCD screen cuts the annual electricity costs for monitors by up to 63%.

If you’re using older servers, there may be an opportunity to consolidate the number of servers and reduce the number that require air-conditioning which can dramatically decreases energy use.

You can also save on electricity by implementing a "Lights Out" server room since these storerooms are rarely visited by employees and require no light for proper server operation.

And to take it one step further - rather than storing your business' servers in your office building where they take up space and energy, you can maintain your networks through cloud computing. Your servers can be housed off-site and have access to your networks 24/7. You can access your documents and programs without wasting unnecessary energy or incurring the added expenses of maintaining servers on-site.

Making any major IT adjustments requires careful thought and consideration before any type of implementation begins. But each change made, no matter what its size, will cut back on the waste previously produced. Every little bit counts.