Since You Clicked, We’ll Tell You About Us – BUT…

We Believe It’s All About You!

CIO Landing was founded in 2012 with the goal of helping small to mid-sized companies grow by leveraging the IT capabilities previously only available to large Fortune 500 companies.  At CIO Landing, we act as your trusted Outsourced IT department, offering expert cybersecurity solutions and CIO oversight to streamline your IT operations, ensure compliance, and foster growth.  Our innovative approach helps you reduce your long-term cost of IT while providing you with the peace of mind that your IT infrastructure is in good hands.

The folks at CIO Landing are experts at making technology headaches a thing of the past.  Imagine going to work every day with the Peace of Mind that comes from knowing your computers work, your network is secure, and you have more time to focus on the things that are important to you.  Plus, our CIO oversight ensures you have the technology you need to run your business – today and tomorrow.  And we don’t just say that we guarantee it.

While many of our clients outsource their entire IT department to us, others outsource parts of their infrastructure, so they free up their valuable in-house IT resources to focus on technology opportunities that are higher priorities and possibly growth initiatives for the company.

CIO Landing Mission

To be the most client-driven technology partner that, through our extensive business experience and the quality of our IT services, helps business owners drive extraordinary results by providing them with the technology they need to grow their businesses.

CIO Landing Vision

To be a passionate company that uniquely services its clients and community with:

  • Inspired Teams
  • Innovative, Premium Services
  • Financial Strength
  • Raving Fans