There Is No Success Without Ex’s

I was invited to speak at FedEx World Headquarters where I delivered two programs. I also had the wonderful opportunity to take a tour of their Memphis Hub Operations and see how they are able to process over 600,000 packages per night while it was actually happening.

5 Steps To Protect Your Business From Cyber Crime

A Seattle company was recently broken into and a stash of old laptops was stolen. Just a typical everyday crime by typical everyday thieves. These laptops weren't even being used by anyone in the company. The crime turned out to be anything but ordinary when those same thieves (cyber-criminals) used data from the laptops to obtain information and siphon money out of the company via fraudulent payroll transactions.

Are You Getting “ Scroogled ” By Google?

If you use Google for search, Gmail for e-mail or an Android phone as your smart phone then, according to Microsoft, you’re getting “scroogled” daily! What exactly does that mean? Well, according to, it means that Google systematically uses your private information that it collects online through your search, your emails, your Android app store purchases and more to sell more ads.