Don’t “Love" Spending Money On New Servers, Backup Devices And IT Upgrades?

(Maybe It’s Time To Move To The Cloud)

As hurtful as it feels to us, we know that no one likes spending money on IT. Sure we all want our laptops, e-mail and applications secure, running fast and readily available 24-7-365, but your friends aren’t going to visit your office and oooh and ahhhh over your new server, and it certainly won’t provide you hours of entertainment or bragging rights at your next high school reunion.

How to Possibly Save Money in the Cloud

With all the hype around the cloud and the benefits of cloud computing, probably the single most compelling reason more and more small businesses are moving parts of their network to the cloud is - no surprise - to lower their IT costs.

Not only can you save money on software licenses, but hardware (servers and workstations) as well as in IT support and up-grades.