Server Management

Need Extra Hands To Help Manage Your Network?

The CIO Landing Managed Server IT Solution manages the daily operations of your Network Infrastructure. This service provides additional resources to in-house IT departments so you can keep your business up to date with Best Practices, while giving your in-house IT valuable time back to focus on other business-critical initiatives. We can help your company standardize and document server operations and provide the expertise to keep your business running efficiently.

Increasing technology and business challenges such as virtualization, server migrations and data center consolidation requires a robust, yet flexible server management plan. With mission-critical applications running in a server environment, you simply can’t afford for it to go down. Our Managed Server IT plan offers a comprehensive server management solution that is proactive, state-of-the-art and business intelligent.

The CIO Landing Managed Server IT Plan includes:
  • Proactive management and maintenance
  • Project planning, design and implementation
  • Rapid troubleshooting of performance bottlenecks
  • Availability of key business services and network services
  • Securing your servers against internal and external threats
  • Analysing server usage trends and plan capacity effectively

Server Virtualization

If you have underutilized servers or skyrocketing IT costs, virtualization may be the solution for your business. Virtualization can improve the efficiency and availability of IT resources and applications. It eliminates the old ‘one-server, one application’ model and runs multiple virtual machines on each physical machine.

With virtualization, your hardware resources are dynamically allocated when and where they’re needed. Additional new virtual servers can take minutes or hours to deploy instead of weeks. For example, with virtual memory, your software can access more memory than is physically installed in your computer via the background swapping of your data onto disk storage.

CIO Landing Virtualization Services can benefit your company by:

  • Improved server utilization – gives you more computing power with fewer servers
  • Seamless disaster recovery – virtualization’s single-system image makes recovery a snap
  • Reduced capital costs – now, even just one server can do the work of many
  • Reduced energy needs – fewer servers means lower electricity and cooling bills

Virtualization technologies provide space and distance between computing, storage, networking hardware and the applications they support – so you get more advanced technology without having to install more equipment. Best of all, implementing a virtual infrastructure in your business is a smooth and effortless process, because using your computers will be no different.

Once your Virtualization solution is active, your administrators can coordinate pooled resources across your business, freeing IT managers to be more responsive to changing market needs and make more efficient use of infrastructure investments.

See how Virtualization solutions from CIO Landing can propel your business to even greater success.