What Our Clients Say About CIO Landing....

Responsive, knowledgeable, Solution – Not Sales – Focused

CIO Landing has been our IT provider / partner for five years. CIO Landing team members took the time to learn who we are, what we do and what our goals were before proposing IT solutions and upgrades. None of the other IT firms that we interviewed took the time to do that. CIO Landing support team members are well trained on our customized software and they are always responsive and professional. We no longer worry about IT-related tasks and projects, because they anticipate and are responsive to our IT needs 24/7.

Karen Malinowski and Susan Wagner JAN Management Services
Highland Park, IL

Hassle-free, Dependable, Transparent

We have peace of mind knowing that CIO Landing handles our IT problems and is on point at any hour of the day or night. They have done so – hassle-free –for more than five years. Before we used CIO landing, I would spend hours of my valuable time trying resolve IT problems – because I never knew how much an IT technician was going to charge. Not anymore. I can just call CIO Landing. They’re responsive, prompt and very knowledgeable. With CIO’s Hassle-Free IT service plan, I don’t worry how much a call is going to cost, I already know and it’s worth it. That’s total peace of mind!

Debbie Herst Law Office of Robert L. Herst, LLC
Long Grove, IL

Strategic, Pro-Active, Improved System Reliability

It’s important when selecting an IT provider to look at the depth of services offered. CIO Landing handles everything. Other firms wanted to cherry pick our systems and would not provide service in all areas where we needed it. CIO Landing looks at the big picture and is pro-active in finding long-term solutions as opposed to just resolving today’s crisis. As a result, our business systems are much more reliable, with almost no downtime.

Philip Hunt Diamond Residential Mortgage Corp.
Lake Forest, IL

ROI, Superior Service, Knowledgeable Techs

CIO Landing is like a personal banker protecting our money. Fraud issues are the No. 1 killer to business productivity and profits. Investing in the protection of our data and in business continuity is critical. CIO Landing delivers superior, reliable service, with knowledgeable, experienced technicians. Hiring CIO Landing five years ago to protect our systems and data is one of the best investments we ever made.

Don Roth AmpliVox Sound Systems
Northbrook, IL

Valued Partner, Asset Protection, Business Continuity

As CEO, my job is to protect the assets of this company. CIO Landing has been our partner in helping us monitor, maintain and protect our data (assets) for the last five years. CIO Landing provides recommendations and solutions that ensure the integrity of our IT systems. They are responsive, timely and they watch our backs. We have a valued partner with CIO Landing.

IT systems are the lifeblood of our company. Managing them on the cheap, to save $500 per month may end up costing hundreds of thousands of dollars down the road. We learned a difficult lesson years ago. When I started at CJT we had no internal IT staff , virtually no external support and no formal back up system in place. At one point, our server crashed and we were stuck. A part-time programmer referred us to CIO Landing. The first question the CIO Landing representative asked was, “Do you have a good back up?” CIO Landing installed a new server, retrieved most of our data and gave us cloud-based back up, which they now monitor. We haven’t had an issue since. Recently, our in-house IT manager updated our exchange server with a new program update. The update caused serious problems with our exchange server. CIO Landing figured out the problem and restored the exchange server. We now engage CIO to also check and monitor all updates before installing them on our servers. They also provide virus and spam monitoring systems among other services.

Andrew R. Piasecki CJT Koolcarb, Inc. and Subsidiaries
Carol Stream, IL

ROI, Peace of Mind, 24/7 Availability

Hiring CIO Landing to manage our IT systems is a return on investment for us. In the past, one of our partners would spend time resolving our IT issues. The lost client billable hours are much more than the cost of IT support from CIO Landing. Our company is more profitable since we hired them two years ago. We have a fixed monthly rate and we can call any time. When we break it down, the amount per hour is incredibly reasonable for the support provided. If we paid someone by the hour, one call can end up costing more than our monthly fee with CIO Landing.

They are available 24/7. They backup of all our systems and monitor for viruses, malware and other issues. This gives us peace of mind. If we receive a suspicious email or link we just send it to CIO Landing’s support team to handle. They also provided us with educational videos for cybersecurity that have been very helpful. It was amazing how many of us were unaware of what to look for, based on the situations provided in the videos.

Susan Romanoski CPA
Karlin, Kershner, Sharpe & Co.
Northbrook, IL

Compliance, Trust, Infrastructure and Helpdesk Support

I am responsible for oversight of our IT systems, but I have no expertise in this area. We have to stay compliant because of our industry, so there was no question of keeping it in house. We worked with CIO Landing in the past, but to be sure we chose the best partner we looked at several other providers. We stayed with CIO Landing. The most important factors we considered were: willingness to sign a business associate agreement and ability to provide all helpdesk, infrastructure support and developer services within our budget.

Alex R. Health care technology industry
Northfield, IL

IT Security, Cost-Effective

Avoiding data breaches and cyber-attacks requires vigilance. If you don’t have the right systems and protections in place you can have major problems. We have worked with CIO for more than 15 years to provide us with full IT support which includes maintaining our system security and network monitoring. CIO Landing is very cost effective. We can always get something cheaper, but what’s the real value? You can eat fast food cheaply every day, but it’s very unhealthy and is not worth it in the long-run.

Marc J. Siegel Managing Partner
Siegel & Dolan
Chicago, Illinois

Comprehensive IT Service help as well as Future Company Strategy Help

Katrina Markoff CEO
Vosges Haut-Chocolat

CIO Landing resolved our IT problems our prior IT company could not

Karen Conti Founder
Conti Law

We depend on CIO Landing to deliver consistent IT service

Mark Siegel Managing Partner
Siegel & Dolan

CIO Landing was able to solve problems others could not

Jaime Rojkind President
Rolei Financial

CIO Landing solved the security maze we had and worked with our existing team to solve our IT issues

Paul Diamond CEO
Diamond Mortgage Residential

CIO Landing has enabled us to focus on our core business by CIO Landing taking over all of our IT needs.

Joe Solimini Chief Operating Officer

CIO Landing Has Been A Huge Part Of Our Company’s Growth!

Chris Margarites President
WOW Investments
Client since 2002

CIO Landing Has Been An Excellent And Reliable Business Partner.

Debbie Herst Business Manager
Law Office of Robert L. Herst, LLC

CIO Landing IT is So Much More Than a Typical IT Shop

I have worked with CIO Landing IT for over 10 years and have found them to be professional and exceptionally competent. The owner, JC Bosacoma has a unique combination of financial acumen, business savvy and technical expertise. I confidently recommended him to my customers for their IT needs because his company is so much more than a typical IT shop.

Franklin Woodland President
Convergent Corporation
Client since 2001

CIO Landing IT Keeps our Operations One Step Ahead of Us.

I recommend CIO Landing IT to our Clients and Associates because I believe they will benefit (like we do) from having a computer system that appears to run by itself and a business partner they can trust to help navigate challenges. CIO Landing IT keeps our operations one step ahead of us proactively laying the foundation for growth, and they are always a call away when we have questions or need support for something new.

Gail Margarites Co-Owner
WOW Investments
Client since 2002

There is an Important Trust Factor with CIO Landing IT and Their Services.

Guy Iantoni President
GTI Life
Client since 2008

What A Difference CIO Landing Makes!

CIO Landing IT quickly solved some of our major concerns with our website. The site looks great and integrates with our newsletter format. They’ve done more for us in a couple of days than we have been able to accomplish in a couple of years on our own. Thanks again to CIO Landing IT for putting us back on track

Jim Seeberg Board Member
El Niño Rey
Client since 2011

CIO Landing Provides An Advantage For Our Business

Mark Hearsh, Esq. Attorney
Castle Law Group
Client since 2008

CIO Landing IT Spoils Us!

There are no technology obstacles CIO Landing sm IT can't overcome. We are spoiled! No matter what we throw at them they solve the problem. They are our business partner as we think of them as an extension of our firm. We focus on our business and CIO Landing sm IT gives us peace of mind.

Mark Hearsh, Esq. Attorney
Castle Law Group
Client since 2008

CIO Landing IT Provides Excellent Service

The most important thing to me is the excellent service you provide while doing a great job performing all the technical tasks. You took the time to understand my business and then provided input that has allowed me to reinvent my company and grow my business. There are IT people all over the place, but with CIO Landing IT, I am not just another client, I have a partner helping to grow my business.

Michael Gould President
Michael Gould Inc.
Client since 2008

Now I Have the Freedom to Focus On My Business.

Before I met CIO Landing IT, I thought all small businesses had to deal with the hassle of maintaining their computers and fixing printer issues on a regular basis. We’d easily spend 4 to 6 hours a week, sometimes more, tinkering with our computers. In just one day the CIO Landing IT technician networked our computers making all the difference in the world. I am cautious how I spend my money, and the CIO Landing IT Proactive Managed Services is worth every penny. It helps me focus on my business, not fixing my computers.

Rich Delisi President and Owner
Omega Industries
Client since 2007

CIO Landing Has Done A Tremendous Job For Us.

Rich Delisi President and Owner
Omega Industries
Client since 2007

I Strongly Recommend the CIO Landing Cloud Assessment

Ryan Kubacki President
Holden International

The Support CIO Landing Provided Was Outstanding!

Sedrik Newbern Agency Owner
All State
Client since 2013

CIO Landing IT Helped Us Land One of Our Top 10 Accounts!

We highly recommend CIO Landing IT and give them 10 out of 10 for their service. Since we don’t understand technology but depend on it to run our business, it is critical we have complete trust and confidence in our IT provider. We have found the team at CIO Landing IT to be very knowledgeable, they keep our systems running smoothly, they fix our problems when they arise, and have always kept us ahead of the curve with the technology we need to run our business.

Shane Strang General Manager
Client since 2009

Recovering Data Was Seamless With The CIO Landing Backup!

Tayebe Shah-Mirany Executive Vice President & General Counsel
Independent Health Resources, Inc.
Client sinced 2011

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