Kaseya and how their software was compromised.
Summary of what happened and implications.

The attack: July 2nd, 2021   Kaseya makes a type of software that allows an MSP to manage and monitor computers and servers. It is through this tool that patches, updates and software can be installed remotely.  The Russian hacking group, REvil, took advantage of a security hole in the software to exploit the capability and ransom a large number of computers managed by the Kaseya software. REvil is asking $70 million in exchange to release the ransom attack.

How does this affect you, our client? It does not. We use a control tool made by ConnectWise and is not affected by this exploit.  If you are not a client, contact us 847-868-9258 or schedule a Discovery call on the home page.

Should you worry? Hackers are poking at all types of software to see if they can break it all the time. Small and midsize companies in particular are most vulnerable because they feel they aren’t a target. Nothing could be further from the truth.  Because the security landscape is always changing, CIO Landing continuously is researching and securing its environment and offer updated solutions to its clients. No solution is 100% fail safe, so what we do is make the environment less desirable to hackers.

What should you do?  The simple answer is don’t be laxed when it comes to adopting best security practices. This is true for business and at home. As hackers get more sophisticated, we take stronger security postures and in turn make them available to our clients.

Next steps:  For Clients: We will be reaching out with security solutions we will encourage you to consider. For Non-Clients: Contact us today for a 10 minute call to answer your questions and schedule a Free Network Assessment.