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How better to describe an easy cybercrime target than a “Sitting Duck”. Sitting ducks have been vulnerable prey from time immemorial. Cybercriminals, like most criminals, will first zero in on the easiest targets – Sitting Ducks!

Alongside the exponential growth of the World Wide Web, there is a parallel cyber world, sinister in nature, sometimes called the Dark Web, fostered and operated by cybercriminals that act like highwaymen of old who rely on shock and disruption to gain their own ends. To counter these cybercriminals, the 17 cybersecurity experts in this book work to secure their clients’ systems and data. With added government regulations for compliance and privacy, these specialists are often called upon to train employees to meet strict regulatory compliance standards.

Unfortunately, cybercrime is not localized. Hacking into computers is a worldwide practice. It disrupts our businesses and social systems, and often demands ransom payments in Bitcoin (or similar cyber-currency) that is virtually untraceable. The 17 experts in this book are consulted and retained to ensure your businesses don’t become a Sitting Duck for cybercriminals. They can protect our businesses and organizations from devastating financial and social consequences that cybercriminals cause… And they give you peace of mind!

While the book focuses on various topics within IT and all things digital, my chapter is titled “HIPAA/Medical” In this chapter, I discuss and clarify the many misconceptions and myths currently surrounding HIPAA technology and compliance within the medical community My chapter also includes a section on how to create a “culture of compliance”.

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