Chicago Co-Managed IT Services

A pen and paper with a picture of a personSupport for Your IT Department

Many in-house IT departments are struggling to keep up with their list of things to do.  Torn between what must be done to keep a healthy network and what will further their organization by working on strategic goals. They work hard to maintain your infrastructure and wish they could get outside resources for help without feeling threatened.

We have a proven track record working with in-house IT departments by adding our team of expert knowledge along with the necessary tools needed to optimize your company’s technology.

With Co-Managed Services you can expect:

  • A detailed Plan of Action by a team of trusted experts
  • Access and use to state-of-the art IT tools
  • Disaster recovery and data back-up support
  • Cybersecurity expertise to manage firewalls, filtering & threat protection and network traffic monitoring among others
  • Enable your IT Department to be on top of their game by taking on tasks that are end-user “invisible”
  • Short and long term project development and implementation.

Is your Technology Department on overload? Let CIO Landing Partner with them for total peace of mind!

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