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Santiago Susbielles

Director of Finance

Santiago has served in finance with CIO Landing since 2013. He earned his degree in Economics from the National University of the South in Bahía Blanca, Argentina. He is a continual learner with advanced certificates from Intuit software including Quickbooks Online. He received a rich history of financial and banking knowledge while working at Patagonia Bank and the Bank for Investment and Foreign Trade (BICE) in Argentina prior to coming to CIO Landing. Santiago shares his love for living and training others about financial freedom and what that looks like on his Instagram page, Financial Training (entrenatusfinanzas).

When Santiago is not overseeing all financial and accounting activities, he is either out on the basketball court, in the gym or reminiscing about the Chicago Bulls NBA titles and all the players that made the NBA great. He played professional basketball so his passion for the game is very apparent. He loves travelling and has backpacked through the countries of Argentina, Bolivia, Perú, Colombia and Ecuador. He and his wife Silvina and their 4 year old daughter spend time together at the beautiful beaches in Malaga, Spain. He enjoys reading and recommending books on making financial freedom a way of life. His desire is to have a motorhome at some point so he and his family can travel all around the world meeting new people and exploring new cultures.

Julia Algar

Alan Perez

Senior IT Engineer/Manager

Alan is the Senior Engineer and Team Leader at CIO Landing bringing with him 15 years of experience in IT Support. He studied Information Systems at the prestigious National Technological University in Buenos Aires. Alan perfected his IT and management skills at IBM where he led a team of 40 analysts for several years.  Alan jumped on board with CIO Landing in June 2015.  His broad range of IT knowledge and exceptional problem solving have been invaluable for the company.  He works very closely with our clients providing daily technical support, along with managing the dispatchers and technicians.

When not in front of the computer you can find him with his chefs apron on and Wusthof in hand.  Alan loves to cook and is studying to become a chef at Mausi Sebess.  He enjoys timeless traditions or trending new dishes from a variety of cuisines.  He will take on any DIY project around the house and he speaks a few languages fluently…Spanish, English and Sarcasm.

Mauro Cretari

Senior IT Engineer

Mauro has been with CIO Landing since 2016. His knowledge of computer operating systems and how they communicate is exceptional. Strategic thinking and strong business acumen are essential in his role.
No surprise as Mauro worked for SBS International as the Chief Technical Officer for four years. There he developed the company’s IT strategy ensuring that technologies were used efficiently, profitably and securely.
He studied System Engineering at the University of Salvador in Buenos Aires and stays current with continuing education courses. Mauro loves to digest everything Tech news related.
“Life is so much simpler using technology to communicate and automate as many things as possible around the house”. His app begins the day by setting the room temperature and starting up his computers and screens. Google is at his beckon call with a short “goodnight” which shuts off all lights, turns his phone to “Do not Disturb” mode, resets the room temperatures, the TV and switches.
Downtime includes a great game of chess or reading the latest on Tesla and the world's transition to sustainable energy with electric cars hoping one day to own one. Uruguay, Colombia and the Dominican Republic are places once visited, he would like to visit again. He is fluent in Spanish and English.

Julia Algar

Julia Algar

Corporate Service Manager

Julia Algar attended Leeds University and received her BA (Hons) in European Languages & Business. She also received a Masters Degree in Applied Translation Studies and speaks fluent Spanish. She received her certificate as an ITIL Service Manager in 2007.

As CIO Landing Service Manager, Julia acts as a liaison between the client and the Tech team. She is involved in everyday communication, all service enhancement-from inception to long term upgrades, project coordination, client onboarding and all follow up support.

She has extensive Service Management experience from working in the international field. Companies include IBM Global Services, Seagram Spirits & Wines Group and NBC Universal.

Julia lived in Buenos Aires for 3 years and traveled to Paris for extended stay to practice her French. In her free time she loves to travel all over the world to experience new places, people and cultures.

Maximiliano Frank

Maximiliano Frank

Senior IT Engineer

Max is no stranger in taking a small project and with hard work and determination, bringing very large results. While working at Agira, the oil and gas giant, he wove his broad range of IT skills into his quality assurance detail and increased the manufacturing process of the company by 30%! This resulted in 3 gold certificates for meeting ISO Standards which placed the company in a high-ranking position as a candidate for the Vaca Muerta Project in Argentina. This project drew national attention as it built the gas pipeline that escorts Shale gas in from Brazil.

As part of the IT team he helped institute one of the largest monitoring centers for Hikvision. He was also instrumental in working with many diverse vendors bringing four companies from various countries together with Freepbx which increased their IT capabilities up to the next level. Max has also worked for leaders in the food industry bringing a diverse amount of technology to the table.

As a senior engineer for CIO Landing Max handles all aspects of servicing our clients! He is not satisfied until proven results are achieved.
It is no surprise that Max likes to relax playing some online gaming. Fifteen years prior he started a gaming community with over 1,000.000 players that still exists today! He enjoys reading any chance he gets and music…great classical music. “I mean come on…who doesn’t love Vivaldi's 4 seasons xD”.

Juan Pablo Cordone

Juan Pablo Cordone

Senior IT Engineer

Juan Pablo Cordone (JP) graduated from CAECE University with a degree in Computer Science. As a technical professional and engineer, he has over 15 years of experience in a wide breadth of IT positions including network management, system operations, service management, and performance optimization.

He is an excellent communicator and a natural at IT systems troubleshooting focusing on identifying, isolating and resolving any technical issues. JP works by aligning the clients company needs with short term as well as long term resolutions which can involve complex IT challenges. He is skilled in building and strengthening relationships across functions to drive cohesive, strategic operations.

JP teaches as an assistant professor at the University. In his free time, he enjoys playing games with his wife and toddler son. He is an avid bike rider, plays the piano, loves to listen to music, and enjoys learning the Italian language.

Isaac Kagan

Isaac Kagan

Technical Alignment Manager

Isaac attended the University of Illinois-Chicago with a degree in Management Information Systems.  He has worked in the MSP world for 15 years. Working up the ladder he has gleaned knowledge from every position beginning with the Help Desk and slowly working his way up to an Engineer.

Isaac is as comfortable in a board room as he is in a server room and that combination positions him well as both an excellent client consultant and a technical advisor. He engages our clients regularly to build relationships to become a trusted source for technological growth.

Isaac has a proven track record with troubleshooting, presenting long term solutions that are efficient, designing projects to streamline and improve services, and orchestrating the implantation of those projects from start to finish.

He and his wife love outdoor activities such as hiking and tennis.  Add to that video gaming, eating delicious foods and making people laugh. They also travel quite a bit and look forward to visiting Japan, Argentina, and Germany soon.

Jenifer Thalin

Jenifer Thalin

Marketing & Business Development

Jenifer Thalin brings over 20 years of invaluable experience in a wide breadth of areas including marketing, management, sales, accounting, and inventory control. Her experiences include 14 years as CIO working closely with the founder and CEO building a company from the ground up to over 3 million in sales in the first few years. Strengths include building and strengthening customer/client rapport, as well as interoffice relationships helping to foster a healthy company work environment.
As Marketing Coordinator for CIO Landing Jenifer works closely with the team communicating the company’s assets through a variety of avenues reaching businesses that need quality IT support. She is committed to moral excellence and maintains the highest level of integrity and is known for being compassionate, driven, and a creative and adept problem solver. Jenifer received her college education at Illinois State University.

Jenifer enjoys frequent visits with her 3 daughters and 7 grandchildren. In her free time she enjoys gardening, reading, and weekly book studies. Staying active bicycling and swimming laps is a must.

Mauro Briones

Mauro Francisco Briones


Mauro Francisco Briones comes to CIO Landing from two large telecommunication giants IBM and Telecom. Francisco has over 13 years of experience working both in operations and administration wearing a variety of hats. His commitment and attention to detail have served him well.

Francisco acts as a liaison between the clients and the CIO tech team. As a first point of contact for our clients, he helps create, expedite and follow up on all IT tickets to ensure a smooth, efficient and timely process in resolving issues, installations or system upgrades. New clients onboard and work with Francisco guaranteeing quality one-on-one communication time with the techs.

Francisco has enjoyed all the beauty of the Canadian countryside living in Brampton, Ontario for 7 years. In his free time he enjoys spending time with his wife and 3 year old son and driving down the countryside roads listening to good music.