Troubleshooting your VPN connection

Today we will start checking essential parts of the VPN  authentication process.

For changing these settings you will need administrator permissions, if you don't have it or you don't understand this guide, please open up a ticket and we will check these steps on your machine.

Setting up a Windows shared resource using OSX

To enable File Sharing in OS X, open the Sharing pane of System Preferences and select the option for File Sharing. Windows Computers and Macs can then see your computer on the local network.

To connect to a Mac or Windows computer that is sharing files on your local network, look under the Shared section of any Finder window.

There Is No Success Without Ex’s

I was invited to speak at FedEx World Headquarters where I delivered two programs. I also had the wonderful opportunity to take a tour of their Memphis Hub Operations and see how they are able to process over 600,000 packages per night while it was actually happening.

5 Steps To Protect Your Business From Cyber Crime

A Seattle company was recently broken into and a stash of old laptops was stolen. Just a typical everyday crime by typical everyday thieves. These laptops weren't even being used by anyone in the company. The crime turned out to be anything but ordinary when those same thieves (cyber-criminals) used data from the laptops to obtain information and siphon money out of the company via fraudulent payroll transactions.

Four New Versions of Microsoft 365

Office 365 ProPlus
In January, Microsoft released Office 2013 for home and personal users. This new version included cloud based subscription under the name of Office 365. Users pay a monthly fee to be able to access different Office software. This is similar to Office 365 (Office 365 for Business) which companies have had access to for a couple of years now.

Don’t “Love" Spending Money On New Servers, Backup Devices And IT Upgrades?

(Maybe It’s Time To Move To The Cloud)

As hurtful as it feels to us, we know that no one likes spending money on IT. Sure we all want our laptops, e-mail and applications secure, running fast and readily available 24-7-365, but your friends aren’t going to visit your office and oooh and ahhhh over your new server, and it certainly won’t provide you hours of entertainment or bragging rights at your next high school reunion.